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Wizard Of Oz Party Supplies & Tableware

Wizard of Oz inspired party tableware including paper plates and napkins.
There’s no place like home for a great party! In a fun twist to the classic movie “Wizard of Oz,” our new line of adult Wizard of Oz party supplies is more fit for grownups than kids! Your guests can ponder if they “are a good witch or a bad witch?” And can announce their moods without saying a word! Let them choose from napkins that say “Stop Partying? When monkeys fly,” “Feeling good, very good!,” or “Feeling Wicked, very wicked!”

The Wizard of Oz line is designed with the colors of black, pink, lime green and white. Keep in mind that we stock a complete line of solid color party supplies to help you put the finishing touches on your party. Coordinate the Wizard of Oz plates and napkins with other items from our large selection of solid color party supplies to complete your table display and room décor!
Planning tips for a Wizard of Oz movie party.

Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

Host a Wizard of Oz Cocktail Party - perfect for a girls only night, or a fun couples get together.
  • Build your table setting around our new line of dinner plates and napkins. In bright, bold colors of pink and green, with accents of black and white, finding matching accessories will be a snap. Consider using a few different solid-colored items to coordinate with our Wizard of Oz tableware, such as a solid colored tablecloth and solid-colored eating utensils. Add pops of color of complementary shades in items like a floral centerpiece. Take a plate or napkin with your to your local florist and they can help you design a centerpiece around your color theme.
  • Continue with the Wizard of Oz theme when deciding which hors d’ouvers and desserts to serve. A fun idea is to use theme-related items, like witch and broomstick cookie cutters, when making your food. Sugar cookie cut-outs are loved by pretty much everyone! Bake up a batch or two and decorate in color-coordinating frosting and sprinkles. Place cookies on a pretty platter and set out on your food table for guests to enjoy. You can also use the same cookie cutters to make shaped tea sandwiches filled with cream cheese and cucumbers, chicken or tuna salad if you’d like to serve your guests something more substantial.
  • In addition to bar staples like beer and wine, select two signature drinks of the evening for your guests to enjoy. Decide on two favorite cocktail recipe you think you’re guests would enjoy that can tie into your pink witch/black witch theme. Perhaps a pomegranate cosmopolitan for the good witches in the group and a dirty martini with an olive for the bad witches! And those cookie cutters mentioned above, how fun to make some jello (but with some vodka mixed in) and use the cookie cutters to make jello shots! Just make sure to tell your guests what in the jello so they don’t eat too many!
  • Place our colorfully wrapped buttermints in a bowl on the buffet or cocktail table for the ladies to enjoy, and be sure to send some home in our cute little favor boxes! We offer them in colors that match our Wizard of Oz tableware.

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