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Maxine Cocktail Party Supplies

Maxine themed tableware including napkins and paper plates.

Maxine is in the house and she is always good for laughs! Entertain your guests with this fun theme and bright colored products in. Maxine and her dog Floyd grace the front of the 9" square dinner plate and is a fun way to tease your guests about who will be responsible for cleanup after the party is over. Complementary themed items include a luncheon napkin that proclaims "Sassy, classy, and still kickin' ASSY!" and cocktail napkins include additional Maxine style quotes.

Ideas from our party planners for a perfect Maxine themed cocktail party.

Maxine Party Theme Ideas and Tips

The ever so popular Maxine theme was a breath of fresh air for those who enjoy laughing at themselves as they age! The crabby female character with an attitude was created in the mid eighties by artist, John Wagner, for a greeting card. Maxine has brought many laughs to her audiences that can take the “in your face” style humor that is like none other! Quotes like “Sassy, classy, and still kickin’ ASSY!” that adorn the products are perfect for many party themes such as ladies tea parties, wine parties, birthdays, or just a luncheon gathering with your favorite friends and family. Anyone who loves a good laugh will enjoy the lively quotes that are printed on all the available products that this quirky character can deliver.

What we love about using the Maxine party theme is the flexibility of the festive mix and match colors. Maxine products are full of bright, cheerful colors that are easy to find a multitude of coordinating items to complement. Table covers, cups, streamers, etc. can all be purchased in a rainbow of colors that will complement this sassy theme.

Planning with “Maxine” is easy!
  • We all know how much Maxine loves her wine, so a wine party paired with chocolates or cheese is a great way to play on quotes that are printed on the beverage napkins such as “A little wine is good for your heart. A great big WHINE is good for your ATTITUDE.”
  • If your guests are wine connoisseurs, like Maxine, you can organize a game of “Chance.” Collect 50-100 corks (try asking a local restaurant for their supply of used corks), mark as many corks as you have prizes with a permanent marker that states “win” and mix them all together in a big basket. Ask guests to close their eyes and reach in. Those who pull out a winning cork walk away with a prize.
  • A great idea for a birthday party game is to play the You Might Be Older Than Dirt Trivia Game> (sold in package of 25). This is a fun way to complement Maxine’s sense of humor.
  • Depending on your guest list, game prizes can be classy such as a purchased bottle of wine to take home or put a little humor into the loot by sending the winner home with a novelty gift such as a Hooter Hoister which is a silky bra attached to a funny cardboard reinforced with a set of plastic spring pistons! Maxine would just love this item!
  • Your party guests will be sure to leave with a smile on their face when you send them home with a favor such as a Vineyard Collection Wine Tool. This useful little tool is available with a customized tag or adhesive label, thanking your guests for attending.

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