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Fabulous 1950s Party Supplies

Fabulous 50s party supplies, centerpieces, and tableware.

How To Throw a 50s Style Theme Party!

Poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and hot rods! Throwing a 1950's theme party? We have some great party supplies that will remind you of everything you love about the innocence of the 1950's. Our Fabulous 1950's Party Supplies feature bright colors in a diner-and-jukebox design. Take your guests back to Rydell High and talk about your bent-8, and it won't cost you too much bread!
Fabulous 50s Lunch Napkins - Happy Birthday
Fabulous 50s Drink Napkins
Fabulous 50s Dessert Plates
Fabulous 50s Party Decorative Table Runner
Fabulous 50s Party Jukebox Centerpiece
Fabulous 50s Party Jukebox Tissue Centerpiece
Fabulous 50s Party Decorative Tissue Sundae
Fabulous 50s Party Playmates Tissue Minis
Fabulous 50s Party Decorative Cutouts
Fabulous 50s Party Rock and Roll Cutouts
Fab 50s Party Decorative Whirls - Set of 5
Fab 50s Party Decorative Whirls - Set of 3
Fabulous 50s Party Shimmering Spiral
Fabulous 50s Party Hanging Cascade Column
Fabulous 50s Party Tissue Garland
Fabulous 50s Party Glitter Streamer
Fabulous 50s Party Rock and Roll Banner
Fabulous 50s Party Record Decoration
Fabulous 50s Party Street Signs
Fabulous 50s Party Drink Poodle Skirt
Fabulous 50s Party Pink Chiffon Scarf
Fabulous 50s Party Greaser Comb
Fabulous 50s Party Record Medallion Necklace
Fabulous 50s Party Record Drink Coasters
Fabulous 50s Party Rock and Roll Picks
Fabulous 50s Party Rock and Roll Party Tape
Fabulous 50s Party Stickers
Candy Pink Round 7" Plates
Candy Pink Round 9" Plates
Candy Pink 9 oz Cups
Candy Pink 75 ft Curl Ribbon
Candy Pink 24 pcs Assorted Cutlery
50 ct Candy Pink Beverage Napkins
50 ct Candy Pink Luncheon Napkins
Candy Pink 81 ft Crepe Streamer
Candy Pink Table Cover
Silk Pink 12" Balloons
Candy Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Black Round 7" Plates
Black Round 9" Plates
50 ct Black Beverage Napkins
50 ct Black Luncheon Napkins
Black 24 pcs Assorted Cutlery
Black 9 oz Cups
Black 18" Star Foil Balloon
Pitch Black Latex 12" Balloons
Black 81 ft Crepe Streamer
Black Table Cover
Black 75 ft Curl Ribbon
White Round 7" Plates
White Round 9" Plates
White 9 oz Cups
White 24 pcs Assorted Cutlery
50 ct White Beverage Napkins
50 ct White Luncheon Napkins
White Table Cover
Silk White Latex 12" Balloons
White 75 ft Curl Ribbon
White 81 ft Crepe Streamer
Party planning tips for a Fabulous 50's birthday party.

Shake Rattle and Roll while Planning a Fabulous 50’s Style Themed Party!

Our Fabulous 1950’s Party Supplies will provide a foundation of far out illuminations for your big bash! The post-war recovery and positive outlook of this decade created a modern appeal to the décor of the 1950’s home. Our 1950’s party supplies will take you straight back to that exuberant era with the vivid, bright colors of turquoise and bubble-gum pink all on a background with a diner-style design. Juke boxes, hot rods and that super slick black vinyl adorn the many items offered for this fabulous theme and can help you create a truly hip party!

Solid colors of candy colored pink, turquoise, black and white will look great with all of the items offered in this line of Fabulous 1950’s Party Supplies.

Setting the Mood will put your guests in Fat City!

Direct your guests to your driveway with the Fabulous 50’s Party Drive-In Sign. In the house start with some basic table covers in solid black or white or even a checkered pattern of both will set the backdrop for a 50’s diner-design-style. Adding to the feel of this innocent era by tying into the jukebox designed items can be accomplished by hanging some vinyl LP records from your ceiling along with the Fabulous 50’s Party Glitter Streamer . Save yourself some bread by adorning the walls with old vinyl and die cut music notes adding a unique design element for little cost. If you are hosting a sit-down style dinner party, try the Fabulous 50’s Party Decorative Table Runner and use a vinyl LP instead for aplacemat or charger at each seat. Another big party mood setter is to offer background music of the 50’s. Artists like Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Bill Haley & His Comets and Elvis, to name a few, are perfect choices for a 1950’s themed party.

Food choices your guests will flip for:

Food is the party essential that brings guests together and getting creative with your menu by tying it into the party’s theme can really create a fun atmosphere that is enjoyable for everyone! Playing on the lingo straight from the 50’s, you might try serving up some “Knuckle Sandwiches” or some “Jelly Rolls” (to commemorate that popular men’s hairstyle!), to name a few. If you choose to use the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, for your inspiration in menu choices to create a sit-down dinner party you can serve up some of his favorite foods. Start with appetizers of bite-size peanut butter and ‘nana sandwiches when your guests arrive. Follow with a sit-down dinner that includes another one of Elvis’ favorites, mashed potatoes as a side dish. The King’s dessert choice was lemon meringue pie.

If lemon meringue isn’t your thing, and you love to bake, a cool dessert choice to coordinate with this theme would be to create your own Drive-in cake. From any cake mix, bake a 9x13 cake. Remove from pan and place on a piece of foil covered board. Frost the entire cake with light brown frosting and sprinkle with Oreo cookie crumbs. Resize and print a picture from the movie Grease, or any favorite flick of yours that represents the era then attach it to a graham cracker with some frosting. The graham cracker becomes your movie screen when turned on its side. Purchase some 1950’s era Hot Wheels cars and line them up in front of the picture like they are at the drive in.

Activities that guests will surely dig:

Bingo is great for parties because of its versatility and ability to be played by all ages! If you are the creative type, creating your own 50’s related Bingo game can be easy and entertaining. Instead of calling out the boring B3 and'll call out 1950's related items or lingo. Start by creating a board from cardstock that has 16 squares instead of the traditional 25, allowing for quicker games and ultimately more games to be played. For a little added fun, call out your own FREE SPACE for each round, further providing a new twist for this classic game.

Energetic game activities can be a blast too. Clear a room from its furnishings and try a sock-hop contest, a karaoke singing contest, a bubble-gum blowing contest or feature a drag race with Hot Wheels across the floor, complete with a scarf dropping start line and checkered flag finish!

Memories to leave your guests on cloud 9:

Double up the fun with an activity and a keepsake party favor by re-creating a pink classic car cut-out for your guests to sit behind and take Polaroid pictures of each one. Give each guest the photo as a party favor to take home with them. Another way to razz your guests berries is to offer each “babe” a Fabulous 50s Party Jeweled Pink Teardrop Glasses and the “greasers” the Fabulous 50s Party Greaser Comb!

   Great Party Ideas:
"50" Bubble Sticker
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Glitter Foil Eyeglasses "50"
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Black Confetti - 50th
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Multicolored Confetti - 50th
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The Party Continues Confetti - 50th
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