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Awesome 1980s Party Supplies

Awesome 80s party supplies, centerpieces, and tableware.

How to Throw an 80s Nu Wave Party!

Remember when "video killed the radio star"? How about the birth of CD's? Did you wear dozens of jelly bracelets and neon sweatshirts with the collars cut out? Whether you're a product of 80s excess, or just a fan of it, let us help you celebrate it with our full line of Awesome 80's Party Supplies! Bring back boom boxes and mix-tapes, "rad" lingo, and classic video games while you and your guests get, like, totally nostalgic for the early days of MTV. We love the 80s!
Ideas on how to host the most Awesome 1980s Theme Party Ever.

Party Planning Tips for Throwing a Totally Awesome 1980s Theme Party!

Aaah, the awesome 80s, that happy decade between social activism and self-loathing grunge was a sensational time for big hair and lots of hairspray, shoulder pads and high-waisted designer jeans, video games, Cabbage Patch Kids and MTV. Whether you were a head-banger or a nu-waver in the time, the nostalgia of the Awesome 1980s Party Supplies will get your party started in high 80s fashion. Our Awesome 1980s party supplies include invitations, tableware, decorative and gift items and will make planning for your Awesome 80s party a breeze!

How to Decorate a Really Rad Room When Throwing a Totally Awesome 80s Party!

Eighties themed party decorations should be fun and outlandish, just like the 80s themselves. Creating a mondo-cool and awesome 80s scene with the palette of colors in these party supplies will quickly transform your party room from blah to bodacious. Create a blank slate for your decorating adventure by taking large rolls of tablecover material in black and line your walls with it. Splash items like the Awesome 80s Party Decorative Cutouts all over the black background. If video games were your thing, the Awesome 80s Party Cutout Arcade Sign can be used and then make your own cutouts of large dots, Pacman and ghosts and set up a whole video game scene on the wall. Purchasing inexpensive loud colored sheets (look in thrift stores) to cover your furniture can really take your room back in time to that excessive generation.

Costume Entertainment is Totally Awesome at a 1980s Themed Party!

A totally rad party is one that includes guests in costume. A great way to inform guests of your intent for a costume party is to send them a note on the Awesome 80s Postcard Invitations. Not only does a costume event add to the nostalgia of the Eighties theme but it provides for some pretty humorous entertainment! Another fun 80s party activity is to ask your guests to dig through their old pictures from this awesome era and bring photos of themselves that best represents the decadebig hair, neon sweatshirts with cut-out necklines, NFL sized shoulder pads, leg warmers, high waisted designer jeans, skinny ties, parachute pants, etc. Proudly display the photos at the party on the wall youve dressed in solid black and stage a voting area. Let everyone vote at their leisure during the evening by leaving a pile of post-it notes (invented in the 80s!) next to 2 jars, one for best dressed and one for worst dressed. At the end of the evening take a count and give prizes to the best and worst photo owners.

Awesome Food-O-Rama Ideas for Your 80s Themed Party!

Za and brew anyone? If you were a college student of the 80s you might have referred to Pizza and Beer with this statement and this simple 2-item menu can the main menu staple. Food is always the center of any social gathering, so its a fun idea to serve up any food that was popular from the era. The famous 80s catch phrase Wheres the Beef? from Wendys commercial can serve to be an inspiration for your menu choice as well, by serving up some simple burgers as your main menu choice. If you prefer to serve up some of the standard appetizers you would find at any party in the 80s you could consider items like: coconut shrimp, tortilla chips and guacamole dip, buffalo chicken wings, sausage stuffed mushrooms, hot jalapeno crab dip, home-made pizza on Boboli crust, which, by the way was invented in the 80s! Pasta salads were really hot in the '80s and go great with burgers. Anything that was tri-color elbow, wagon wheel, and squiggly shaped was popular during the time. Toss them with canned olives and powdered salad dressing, and it will take you straight back in time! If you choose to serve alcohol at your party the most popular drinks of the 80s were wine coolers, white wine spritzers, Long Island Iced Tea and any beer labeled with the word light.

Stashing some easy to grab snacks around the room like Ranch Doritos and vintage lunchboxes filled with 80s inspired candies like Pop Rocks, Fun-Dip, Jolly Ranchers, Milk Duds ,Nerds and Big League Chew will provide some decorations that are fun to eat!

Play a Wail of an 80s Inspired Game!

Along with the costume contest and best (or worst) dressed 80s pictures, try Trivial Pursuit, a popular game of the 80s. If the party is small you can actually play the game, but if it is large, post trivia questions around the room and have people try to answer them using post-it notes and sticking them to the walls. Setting up a video game arcade can be accomplished several ways and really get your guests heading down memory lane. One option is to find the actual old game console with 80s style video games like Pac Man, Sonic, Super Mario Bros. or an easier method might be to download the old games onto your home computer from the internet by simply searching on 1980s video games to find them.

Whether youre offering your guests a place to dance the night away or not, background music from the era will provide an additional element to your theme by selecting artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Wham, Duran Duran, and the Culture Club. You might even inspire some of those party-goers to dust off the cobwebs on those moonwalkers they wore in the awesome 80s!

Awesome 80s Party Favors Will Leave Your Guests Feeling Totally Tubular!

One can get extremely creative with the possibilities of 80s inspired party favors! Burn CDs of that super cool music of the time, offer up bottles of hair gel or hairspray, mini Rubiks cubes (these have recently made a comeback and can be found in many stores), or something as simple as the Awesome 80s Party Fanci-Frame Sunglasses will leave your guests feeling wigged-out and totally tubular!

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