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60th Birthday Party Decorations

All our 60th Birthday party supplies - shop by theme, shop by product type, or browse our "60" generics.
60th Birthday Party Supplies

60th B-Day: Shop three ways

  • Shop by 60th birthday product category. See all our styles of banners, invitations, or centerpieces to easily select what you need.
  • Shop by 60th birthday theme. We stock over 20 decorating themes, each with coordinated tableware, invitations, centerpieces, and decorations. Easily build a theme based party.
  • Shop our "60" generic party items. They work great with the themed items, but there's a great selection of non-themed items to shop!
Finding the right 60th birthday party theme can be a challenge, but with our variety of decor options, helpful tips, and friendly team, it can be easier than you thought! Browse our 60th birthday decorations to find the supplies that match the guest of honor's tastes perfectly.

60th Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

At we specialize in helping you plan the ultimate birthday party with the perfect decorations, 60th birthday party favors, tableware and so much more. One of the first things to consider when planning a great party is the venue. Will you be hosting the event at your home where you can really decorate in style, or will the party be at a restaurant where your decorating opportunities can be limited? If you’re having your 60th birthday party at home you can really decorate to your heart’s content. We have a great selection of 60th birthday party banners, yard and door signs, confetti and more to match our wonderful 60th birthday party tableware. If you’re planning your party at a restaurant be sure to check with the manager to see what your decorating limits are. Most restaurants will let you add centerpieces and of course balloons but you will probably not be able to hang banners and such on the walls of the restaurant. Another great idea is to “Decorate” your guest of honor. If they have a great sense of humor, choose some of our fun 60th birthday party hats, sashes, buttons and even t-shirts.

60th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Settling on an idea for your 60th party should be fun, but it can be a little overwhelming as well. Here are a few factors to consider to make your decision easier: Will children attend the party? If it's an adults-only party, you can select different ideas than if the kids are going to be involved. If the kids will be there, remember that they will need to be entertained so plan some activities to keep them occupied. How well do the guests know each other? If you're bringing different groups of friends together for the first time, then remember that games and activities that break the ice without putting anyone on the spot are a good idea. Think of games that were popular during the guest of honor’s childhood or a trivia game based on the decade they were born. How active is the group? If the guests are the types that like to swing from the chandeliers, then an active party with lots of dancing and other games is great. If everyone is more likely to sit and chat, then keep that in mind as well.

60th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

A 60th birthday party for her doesn’t have to be all about getting older; celebrate her unique and wonderful style with our great selection of 60th birthday party supplies just for her. Does she have a fun outgoing personality? Plan a “Fabulous” birthday party for her and all the girls with our terrific “Birthday Fabulous” party supplies that send the message that she’s “Super, Sensational and Sixty”. No Doom and Gloom here, these great party supplies really help you celebrate and party in style with their hot pink and black ultra chic design. Serve a wonderful 60th birthday party cosmo martini in our “Birthday Fabulous Marti glass” it’s not only a great serving piece but a fun keepsake from her fabulous event!

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