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40th Birthday Party Decorations

All our 40th Birthday party supplies - shop by theme, shop by product type, or browse our "40" generics.
40th Birthday Party Supplies

40th B-Day: Shop three ways

  • Shop by 40th birthday product category. See all our styles of banners, invitations, or centerpieces to easily select what you need.
  • Shop by 40th birthday theme. We stock over 20 decorating themes, each with coordinated tableware, invitations, centerpieces, and decorations. Easily build a theme based party.
  • Shop our "40" generic party items. They work great with the themed items, but there's a great selection of non-themed items to shop!
Finding a 40th birthday party theme that is fun but doesn't offend the guest of honor is easier than ever with our wide selection of 40th birthday decorations. Browse our 40th birthday supplies to find a theme that sets the mood of the party perfectly.

40th Birthday Party Decorating ideas

Instead of making the guest feel old, bring back his or her childhood and earlier years! Invite all of your guests on ONE condition… they have to dress up in something out of the past – a crazy leisure suit, legwarmers and a jean jacket or whatever creative outfit they can come up with. Give a prize for the best costume and be sure to honor the birthday guy or gal with special recognition and a recorded music mix to bring back old memories. Break out photos from earlier years and ask everyone to contribute a picture of themselves with the guest of honor. Place all of those photos in great 40th birthday party centerpieces on your party tables. Mix and match your balloons in great festive balloon bouquets placed around your party venue. Above all remember that turning 40 is a time to CELEBRATE! At we’re here to help with all your birthday party decorating needs.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Plan a tailgate themed party just for him. It doesn’t even have to be football season, any sport will do. Gather up the guys and be sure to wear your favorite team’s jersey. Hook up the television outside and get ready to rock and roll with some burgers, hot dogs, pretzels and chips, and of course, your favorite beers! Simulate a tailgating party in your own backyard or driveway; add his favorite snacks and your own special touches. Make sure to have plenty of decorations announcing the main event. 40th birthday party banners, yard signs and more will help to set the mood. Order a cake featuring your guest of honor’s favorite sports team. Set up a picnic table and some chairs for the barbecue. Bring games, cards, dice and other activities to keep you busy. A dartboard would not be a bad idea, either!

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

Kick the men out of the house, have your girlfriends ditch their husbands and boyfriends for the night and get ready for some serious fun! A few ideas for a girls-only night include manicures and pedicures, makeovers, movies from your youth, your favorite chick-flicks, wine or cocktails, and lots and lots of desserts and junk food. Guaranteed, you will feel 21 all over again! Add some “Fabulous” Decorations from our “Birthday Fabulous” birthday party theme. The fun, chic design will be a big hit with all the girls, and with everything from balloons to banners, centerpieces and more you’ll find all the 40th birthday party decorations you need to throw a “Fabulous” party. Don’t forget the party favors. At we have a fun selection of birthday party favors and fun gifts specially designed for all the fabulous women in your life.

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